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What Do You Want to Create?

Each project begins with a consultation.

We will discuss what you are looking for and how we can make this happen. We will cover what you hope to use the project for, what type of wood is best used, specific dimension requests and functionality, and if you would like your piece to have a design burned into it.

From there I will provide you a quote for the work - both cost and turnaround time. Upon agreeing on a piece, a non-refundable deposit of half the cost will kick-start the production. Once your piece is complete, and shipping information known, the remaining cost of the item will be due. Things factoring into the cost include the type of wood used, the size of the piece, and any custom pyrography added in.

Most pieces take 3-5 weeks from start to finish, though there are outliers (on both ends) to this range.

Spiritual Message Included

Each personally-created project comes with a description of the spiritual nature of the wood and the inherent magic it possesses. Your personal relationship with your new magical, spiritual being will kick off with a message received directly from the spirit of the finished piece to guide you on how to work with it and how it will work with you.

Sample messages:

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