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Trees are magical beings. They provide canopy and protection for so much of the planet's inhabitants, homes for countless more, and breathable air for the mammals. They eat sunlight and digest it into matter, turning the intangible into material.

Beyond that, each species of tree has its own special magic and wisdom imbued in its own structure. Cedar is not only aromatic, fungal and insect resistant, it is also used for healing. Maple reminds us of sweetness which lies just beneath a rough exterior. Cherry brings the energy of renewal and rebirth, with its blossoms that signify the start of spring.

Learn more about the medicine of different woods.

Too often our culture views trees as objects to be used for our whim, without considering they are beings with personality and purpose on both zoological and spiritual levels. It is only recently that science has discovered what indigenous cultures all over the globe have always known, that trees communicate with each other, warn each other about invasive species and disease, share nutrients, and protect their young.

My work honors the energy of the trees the wood has come from, and I work with locally-sourced wood as much as possible. Specific species of wood are selected for specific projects, and each individual piece is worked with in a fashion that honors its energy. It is a pleasure to give these parts of trees - this sunlight which has magically been converted into matter - the respect they deserve and help them find a destiny as spiritual objects to be worked with in a sacred way by others.

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