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A Spiritual Approach to Woodcraft

My intention is to create unique, beautiful, and functional pieces to support your personal spiritual exploration with a deep honoring of the spirit of the trees. I take pride in respectfully and cooperatively working with the individual pieces for each project as well as honoring the natural and magical properties of their species.

My work is centered on spiritually-minded items such as incense holders, altars, feather boxes, tarot and oracle card holders, and more. Products commonly retain their original "live" edge of the tree that the wood came from as much as possible, providing you a direct, unfiltered connection to their origin.

I mainly create custom pieces, though I do have some completed items in my online shop for sale. I encourage you to peruse my portfolio, and if something sparks an inspiration, reach out and we can get started on creating a custom piece for you!

Each custom piece will also come with a description of the spiritual nature of the wood used and/or the entire piece so you can welcome it into your life with the deepest awareness and soulful appreciation.

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"Each piece of wood has a personality, even boards harvested from different parts of the same tree, and in its particular attributes and behavior, the wood will speak to you."

Nick Offerman


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